February 18, 2009

Rose Pruning

February 14th was the official pruning day for roses here in Texas. Whoops! I didn't make it!

The bushes that I did prune prior to my eye surgery on the 5th are already putting out fresh new leaves. I actually read recently that new research is saying maybe we don't even need to prune rose bushes - just cut them back a bit. Now that sounds like a plan!

For sure, I'm not going to prune the floribundas that I have next to the fence, by the street. I want the bushes to get a lot larger.

We are having computer issues! My computer has decided not to recognize any of the things we have attached via the USB ports (I think that's the right term). This makes it difficult to add pictures - though I can still do it via my husband's computer, which is older.

May you be aware of the Father's handiwork today. Peace. Maryyx