April 18, 2008

I'm in Love with my Garden

The wind was howling last night! Reports were of straight winds up to 70 mph. We had no hail here, though there was large hail reported in Fort Worth. We live in Grand Prairie, between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Some of the plants, like this bloom on Mermaid, were looking a little tattered; but overall the garden fared well, and just appreciated the rain. Mermaid is planted right at the edge of the patio, and I plan to train her up along the edge of the patio cover.

I have the above rose labled as Candeur Lyonnaise - but I don't think that can be right. I could have sworn it had white flowers on it last year. I moved some plants around, so I must have gotten confused. Oh well - whatever her name - the roses are awesome. The yellow in the center didn't show up well on the photo.

Hot cocoa is one of my favorites, and is doing so much better this year than last. This year I see hardly any blackspot on her.

The iris continue their show. This is one I got at the Dave's Garden swap at Trinity Park in Fort Worth.

I thought that the verbena was choking out my iris, because they were looking so scraggly - so I took most of them up. Didn't get around to this section - and as good as they are looking, obviously I didn't need to move them! Oh well.

I can hardly believe all the buds on Teasing Georgia! Amazing.

Once Graham Thomas begins to bloom, his yellow roses are going to look even more amazing this year with a purple clematis climbing among his branches!

The dark foliage on the Knockout roses really sets off the blooms. In the beginning I was snobby about the knockouts; because I didn't think their flowers were as pretty as some of the other bushes. Now I am really impressed with them, because they put on such an amazing show, absolutely covering the bushes with blooms.

This is a view from the front door to the corner. I love the effect, weeds and all. I feel like I live in a meadow.

The lavender, about to burst into bloom, gives that effect in the back yard. When I walk past it, I seldom resist the urge to linger and enjoy her fragrance. It has not bloomed before, so I am very excited to see the buds.

Altissimo is a climbing rose next to the gate. The brilliance of the blooms on this tiny bush really impress me. I am in awe just imagining what she will be like as she climbs up the trellis Tom made.

But the absolute star of the show today is Ink Spots. What an amazing rose! Ink Spots is in the row of red roses I planted for Tom for Valentine's Day a year ago.

I unabashedly confess that I am in love with my garden.

April 14, 2008

Roses, Roses Everywhere

Well - I won't give you the whole tour today, but sure got some awesome photos during my morning walk in the garden. Here are a few of my favorites.

These are my mystery roses. I try to put up nameplates when I plant each rosebush - but I forgot with this one. I actually planted two of these, and don't know what they are. What I do know as that these two bushes are going to be prolific bloomers. Yea!

Isn't this a sweet baby? I had to turn her face up to the camera. This Pat Austin rose is a tiny new bush, but already busily making roses. Sofar all the blooms have been on bottom branches. What an awesome color; and her fragrance is to die for.

I have so appreciated the irises as I have waited for the roses to bloom. This is a plant I was given at a Dave's Garden swap a few years ago. It is the first year these iris have bloomed, so it is so fun to see what color they are.

I was enchanted as I looked out the picture window to see this grouping of white irises. In the background is my infamous gecko castle.

Isn't color magnificent? This is a little Carefree Sunshine rose, nestled among the petunias. Too bad petunias don't like the summer weather here in Texas. I'd like to keep her blooming!

Last but not least, Don Juan. No, the picture is not sideways. Tom put this arbor up for me, and two days later, it was blown down by the wind. I love the way the roses look draping over its side.

May you be blessed today by the beauty of God's creation.