July 4, 2008

Weeds vs. Wonder

Neatness is not a natural virtue for me. I struggle to stay on top of all the necessary maintenance of daily living. I remember once when I was younger, and I finally got my house all cleaned up, and just the way I wanted it. I was SHOCKED that within a day or two, the chaos was back.

I have similar feelings in regard to the garden these days - as the weeds make their comeback. I have a tendency to just throw my hands up, and give up on the whole project.

I very much buy into the philosophy that if I focus on "the problem" the problem gets bigger and if I focus on "the solution" the solution gets bigger. In gardening terms - if there are any weeds, my perfectionistic nature sometimes makes it difficult for me to enjoy the flowers. I think it's like many other things in life: do I want to count my blessings, or focus on what's wrong. Every day I have a choice: I can focus on what's right or focus on what's wrong.

Today I went out and watered, and pulled a few weeds. There's still plenty of work to do; but how grateful I am for that time spent in the garden - and the blessing of being able to enjoy the beauty. It was good to sweat, to feel the heat of the sun.

May you be aware of the Father's handiwork today.

Peace. Maryyx