December 10, 2014

Still Rambling Along

My!  I was surprised to find this old blog when I did a search the other day.  Just looking at it renewed my enthusiasm for my garden . . . which is currently in need of a great deal of care!

I will be continuing a blog as the Rose Garden Rambler either from this site, or another!

Please feel free to check out my new website, which encompasses my interest not only in gardening, but in art and music.

March 12, 2009

About two years ago, we planted a wisteria vine. I've always been in love with them. The first year there was no bloom, and I was disappointed. I didn't know the vine has to mature. Last year I was ecstatic because there were two or three clusters of blooms. This year - wow!
Here she is peeking over the fence, in a shady area:

These sweet babies are called Groundsel I believe. I may not be spelling it right. They are just perfect for a very shady spot on the side of the house. I was given two little plants and they are spreading nicely. Perhaps I will transplant a few of them so they are more spread out. It makes me smile to see their sweet, perky flowers.

When I first planted my roses, I had them all labeled. The little signs seem to disappear - so I now longer know what many of them are. Their beauty needs no words.

Noisette Blush - how coy and sweet she seems nestled against the bricks on the side of the yard.

It makes my heart beat a little faster to see this baby in bloom! I really didn't expect fruit from my new fruit trees this year, but they are in full bloom! this one is a plum.

May you be aware of the Father's handiwork today. Peace. Maryyx

February 18, 2009

Rose Pruning

February 14th was the official pruning day for roses here in Texas. Whoops! I didn't make it!

The bushes that I did prune prior to my eye surgery on the 5th are already putting out fresh new leaves. I actually read recently that new research is saying maybe we don't even need to prune rose bushes - just cut them back a bit. Now that sounds like a plan!

For sure, I'm not going to prune the floribundas that I have next to the fence, by the street. I want the bushes to get a lot larger.

We are having computer issues! My computer has decided not to recognize any of the things we have attached via the USB ports (I think that's the right term). This makes it difficult to add pictures - though I can still do it via my husband's computer, which is older.

May you be aware of the Father's handiwork today. Peace. Maryyx

July 6, 2008

Undercover Agents

I'm beginning to have a new respect for roots. Several times now I have thought that a plant was long gone, but have left the roots in place. Yesterday I was once again surprised by the results.

Last October, my son and his wife gave me a blue hosta for my birthday. We were already getting hard frosts, and the plant was small - so I was afraid to put it out in the garden. I nursed it along through the winter months in the house, though I would sometimes forget to water it.

By the time spring arrived, it only had one or two leaves on it. I planted it in the garden, expecting it to thrive; however, the two leaves it had shriveled up in response to being put out in the heat.

For months, there were just two little green stalks sticking up from the ground. The last time I looked I didn't even see those, and assumed that my husband had pulled it up when he weeded the bed. Much to my surprise, yesterday I saw that it had put up new growth. I watered it with pleasure.

Having had a similar experience with a clematis, I am beginning to have a new respect for roots. I'm beginning to think of them as Undercover Agents.

May you be aware of the Father's handiwork today.



July 4, 2008

Weeds vs. Wonder

Neatness is not a natural virtue for me. I struggle to stay on top of all the necessary maintenance of daily living. I remember once when I was younger, and I finally got my house all cleaned up, and just the way I wanted it. I was SHOCKED that within a day or two, the chaos was back.

I have similar feelings in regard to the garden these days - as the weeds make their comeback. I have a tendency to just throw my hands up, and give up on the whole project.

I very much buy into the philosophy that if I focus on "the problem" the problem gets bigger and if I focus on "the solution" the solution gets bigger. In gardening terms - if there are any weeds, my perfectionistic nature sometimes makes it difficult for me to enjoy the flowers. I think it's like many other things in life: do I want to count my blessings, or focus on what's wrong. Every day I have a choice: I can focus on what's right or focus on what's wrong.

Today I went out and watered, and pulled a few weeds. There's still plenty of work to do; but how grateful I am for that time spent in the garden - and the blessing of being able to enjoy the beauty. It was good to sweat, to feel the heat of the sun.

May you be aware of the Father's handiwork today.

Peace. Maryyx

May 1, 2008

The past few days, I have been able to harvest a large part of my daily diet from the garden. I am currently on a juice feast, so the greens from the garden come in really handy - and save me a bundle at the grocery store.

The roses continue to enchant me. The knockout roses are putting on an unbelievable show. I thought they produced abundant blooms last year; but they are even more abundant this spring.

The evening primroses are invading the rose beds, but it is an invasion I am enjoying. I've always enjoyed their delicate beauty. I've read that you shouldn't plant them where you don't want them to spread. I confess that I actually tossed these weed seeds into the yard last year.

The light colored rose in the foreground is one of my more unusual babies. Her name is Amelia Earhart. Her blooms actually have a light green tinge to them. Nestled between the Knockout roses, and Amelia Earhart is some of my Swiss Chard, which finds its way to the dinner table. I think I planted way too much of it though! When I cut off the leaves, new ones grow back quickly.

I end tonight's post with a lovely photo sent by my friend Tess. She calls this her "family rose." Tess writes that her family rose "has been in the family since before Frank and I were married 57 years ago. The cuttings I brought to Texas were from my grandparent's graves. I brought them in pots, planted them in Marble Falls, and brought cuttings from our home there to this house in Sun City."

Tess' daughter Judy, my sister-in-law, has a lovely rose of Sharon with lavender blooms that is another of their family roses.

April 21, 2008

Spring in Kansas

Here's a photo fresh in from Kansas. Spring is well under way in Texas, but just getting started where my daughter lives, near Kansas City.

This is a photo of her flowering quince. Now I'm wondering if it is ornamental, or the type tree that sets fruit.

Last fall, we researched local organic growers in her area and I am looking forward to going with her to the berry farms.