April 20, 2008

Small Packages

All along the west side of the front yard, I have a row of Knockout roses, a mixture of red and pink. In front of the Knockouts, I have my miniatures. Today they are sporting their first spring blooms for 2008. It always amazes me to see their tiny blooms.

There is a weed called henbit, also sometimes known as dead nettle, that has a bloom I've always been fascinated with. It reminds me of an iris; and I have often wondered if they are related. I had a lot of it in the yard this year, and considered just letting it grow; however there was a lot of moisture, and it turned the plants an unhealthy looking greyish green.

Speaking of iris, there are still a few stalks putting on a show! I stand in awe of my favorite artist, the Creator of the nature I so admire.

Wishing you peace

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