April 14, 2008

Roses, Roses Everywhere

Well - I won't give you the whole tour today, but sure got some awesome photos during my morning walk in the garden. Here are a few of my favorites.

These are my mystery roses. I try to put up nameplates when I plant each rosebush - but I forgot with this one. I actually planted two of these, and don't know what they are. What I do know as that these two bushes are going to be prolific bloomers. Yea!

Isn't this a sweet baby? I had to turn her face up to the camera. This Pat Austin rose is a tiny new bush, but already busily making roses. Sofar all the blooms have been on bottom branches. What an awesome color; and her fragrance is to die for.

I have so appreciated the irises as I have waited for the roses to bloom. This is a plant I was given at a Dave's Garden swap a few years ago. It is the first year these iris have bloomed, so it is so fun to see what color they are.

I was enchanted as I looked out the picture window to see this grouping of white irises. In the background is my infamous gecko castle.

Isn't color magnificent? This is a little Carefree Sunshine rose, nestled among the petunias. Too bad petunias don't like the summer weather here in Texas. I'd like to keep her blooming!

Last but not least, Don Juan. No, the picture is not sideways. Tom put this arbor up for me, and two days later, it was blown down by the wind. I love the way the roses look draping over its side.

May you be blessed today by the beauty of God's creation.



ELMERC said...

Hi Mary, those white irises sure are nice and the red climbing roses on your trellis looks just like mine in my garden. Elaine Cooke

Frances, said...

Hi Mary, yes to lots of photos! You have lovely roses. Thanks for visiting.

Frances at Faire Garden

walk2write said...

I am glad that I found your site (I think it was at Frances'). Anyway, your roses are beautiful. Who cares what their names are? They bloom just the same without one. Do you think the mystery rose might have some rugosa heritage? It looks like it might to me.

Green thumb said...

Dear Mary, thanks for your nice comment on my blog.The roses look awesome!
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary !
you have got amazing roses!
could you please contact me on my email address for exchange ?