March 12, 2009

About two years ago, we planted a wisteria vine. I've always been in love with them. The first year there was no bloom, and I was disappointed. I didn't know the vine has to mature. Last year I was ecstatic because there were two or three clusters of blooms. This year - wow!
Here she is peeking over the fence, in a shady area:

These sweet babies are called Groundsel I believe. I may not be spelling it right. They are just perfect for a very shady spot on the side of the house. I was given two little plants and they are spreading nicely. Perhaps I will transplant a few of them so they are more spread out. It makes me smile to see their sweet, perky flowers.

When I first planted my roses, I had them all labeled. The little signs seem to disappear - so I now longer know what many of them are. Their beauty needs no words.

Noisette Blush - how coy and sweet she seems nestled against the bricks on the side of the yard.

It makes my heart beat a little faster to see this baby in bloom! I really didn't expect fruit from my new fruit trees this year, but they are in full bloom! this one is a plum.

May you be aware of the Father's handiwork today. Peace. Maryyx

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