March 20, 2008

Fire Ant Invasion

Yikes! The fire ants have invaded!

Last fall, we put up a plastic greenhouse over a plumeria and an angel trumpet. Then we forgot to turn on the heater when it froze. Oh well. The plants didn't fare so well.

Nevertheless, the fire ants thought that greenhouse was just a dandy hideout. I looked in a few days ago to see a huge mound of fireants.

Then today, when I was walking through the garden with my daughter, she pointed out to me that the ants had moved into a freshly dug flower bed, where I had just planted azaleas. Never in my life have I seen what looked like a colony of new ant beds. There must have been 100+ openings to new little mounds.

Needless to say, it was time to get out the diotamaceous earth. Tom applied it liberally to the entire area. I sure hope it works!

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