March 20, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Last night my son Walt commented that my front yard garden looked beautiful, even though there wasn't much blooming yet. I said I agreed with him. We both thought that it was the fact that I had it well groomed, with weeds pulled, and all the rose bushes pruned.

These pictures are from last year, but they show the basic layout of the front yard. My hispanic neighbors have begun calling me, "la seƱora de las flores," i.e. "the flower lady".

It is pretty amazing to me that two years ago there was nothing but grass and weeds in the yard. After my first year of planting, installing flower beds, etc. - someone told me, "You won't realize until several years from now what you have accomplished." I am beginning to understand what they meant. The plants are beginning to "own" the yard. The birds, and the little critters, are beginning to recognize it as a refuge. I no longer feel a need to move to the country - because the country has come to me!

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