March 25, 2008

Lilac Hedges

The house I grew up in was located in Watertown, South Dakota. My parents had a big garden out back, with a rhubarb hill on which we loved to play "King of the Mountain."

There was a lilac hedge on the property which separated our yard from the neighbors on one side. I loved those lilacs!

Here in Texas, lilacs don't grow all that well. I purchased some about a year and a half ago that were supposed to be special for this area. They straggled through the summer, looking really shaggy. I ran into someone who told me she knew of a lilac bush that was doing well in the shade. So - I have transplanted all of my bushes into the shade.

Lo and behold, they are blooming! I am going to really make sure they get plenty of water this summer - and see if they do better. But right now, the most important thing to me is that they survived, and are blooming!

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We did this too...king of the mountain is too fun!