April 11, 2008

Tess' Snapdragons

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Yesterday I made that post about relationship gardening. Then I decided to write to some other relatives who were gardening and let them know I'd love to see what's happening in their gardens. So you see, that relationship gardening continues to enrich my life, deepening connections with other people.

Tess was the first to respond. We are sort of back-door related. Tess is the mother of one of my sisters-in-law. She is one of the sweetest women I've ever been graced to know.

Tess once took on a project similar to mine - creating a park-like ambiance in her yard. She found it an overwhelming task, as I sometimes do.

Anyways - she now has moved, and has smaller gardens. But oh how lovely they are!


My daughter sent me a post of a mystery plant that has come up in one of her beds, and we are trying to identify it. I'm going to make a post on Dave's Garden as I'm sure I can get help there.

Jen was also on a mission yesterday to find food for some Painted Lady caterpillars. One of the teachers at her childrens' school had sought her out for help; because she knew Jen had raised a lot of Monarchs last year. The teacher had ordered the caterpillars - and they arrived with food that was dried out. Jen spent the whole day researching, and then locating appropriate plants for the butterflies. Of COURSE she was successful! I'll get her to send me some pics.



Mone! said...

wow their beautiful flowers!

Elaine Cooke said...

Gotta love those photos of your flower beds,Mary. Elaine Cooke

ELMERC said...

orglprWorking out in the garden center at work now. What a great place to be for the season. Elaine Cooke

ELMERC said...

Love your snapedragons and the little statue. Elaine Cooke

ELMERC said...

Very interesting article on the painted lady.Elaine Cooke