April 10, 2008

Relationship Gardening

There seems to be no end to the way that gardening can enrich my life. During the last six months of my mother's life, she so enjoyed hearing about my garden. I had not gardened for over 20 years, and had no idea how interested my mother would be in my project to turn my yard into a park.

Mom always loved plants, and had a large garden when I was a child. Every day she wanted to hear the details of what I was planting, what bed I was preparing. She was losing her sight, but always wanted me to bring pictures when I came to see her.

Two weeks before she died, I had the privilege of spending a week with her. One of my favorite memories is of taking her outside in the evening. She was weak, so each evening she would sit in the wheelchair, and I would take her for a walk. I have a picture in my mind of one special moment.

We were outside her building, and the sun was setting. There was a noisette rose bush in full bloom, and I asked her if she would like me to pick her a rose to smell. She was excited and her eyes sparkled. I walked over and picked her a little bouquet of roses, and she closed her eyes to focus on their fragrance. She was very content, sitting their in the sunset. She was content with her life. She was ready to cross over to the other side, and be with those who had gone before. I treasure that memory.

And now - I get to share the joy of gardening with my daughter, with two of my siblings, with my grandchildren.

Posted above is a picture of my daugher Jennifer and her dog Chance. They live in Kansas. Jen has recently moved to a new lakeside home that is built on three lots. The ground is rocky, so she and her husband Eric are putting in raised beds. This is the first, completed last night.

Daffodils are beginning to bloom in her yard, and she has had several plants come up that she thought had died. She called and said, "I called you because I knew you would understand what that meant, that the plants had survived."

Relationship gardening. I love it.



Elaine Cooke said...

What a lovely story of your mother and you.You gotta love those memories, that's what keeps them alive. Elaine Cooke

Stephanie Haile said...

Thats a beautiful story of you and your Mom! I am sad and happy for you both, And What a Beautiful Daughter! I think that is the very coolest ever! That you both get to garden independently together! ;)

MARYYX said...

Steff - did you coin that phrase, "independently together"? I've seen you use it in your busines posts. I think you used it when you commented on one of my articles at www.berries4all.blogspot.com

It's great, isn't it? To feel connection with people?!

Love you

walk2write said...

My dad was the one who passed on his love for gardening to me, and his mother was the one who inspired him. I guess in my family, the gardening gene inhabits a different gender in each generation, because now my son is perfectly happy digging in the dirt (or should I say sand?) in his home in Florida.